Friday Dev News #111 - Terraforming Update releases March 10th!

Hello everyone,

today I’m excited to announce that we’re going to release the Terraforming Update in two weeks on March 10th!

We are planning to start some beta playtesting in the middle of next week. Ping @Developer on the discord server if you’re interested in participating in the playtest. As a beta playtester you need to be willing to report bugs and deal with issues while we finish up the update for release!

Check out the current look of our new, terraformed biomes:

The former desert does not feature any grass yet, we hope we’ll be able to include it before release, but no guarantee.

Which biome is your favorite?

Next: Bugfixes and Polishing Update

The Terraforming Updates includes some bugfixes, especially fixing some save loading issues and some performance things.

But there is a lot more to be done and since we want to keep improving so we can leave Early Access properly in a couple of months, the next update is going to be just for bugfixing, polishing, and optimization.

We might also include some smaller features like the billboards or some decorations, but programming will focus on improving what’s there.

Happy playing!

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