Friday Dev News #110 - Terraforming Building Art

Hey everyone,

It’s time for our weekly update on InfraSpace progress. We’ve got a bunch of news to share, so let’s dive in:

Terraforming Buildings

Andreas has been working hard to finish the art for our terraforming buildings. These include the buildings that help you terraform the planet as well as some factories that provide parts for it. Here’s a sneak peek:

Moss Shader and Terraformed Landscape

Lasse has been working on making the terraformed planet look more natural. He has created a moss shader for the terraformed rocks, and he’s also added some new bushes to the landscape. Check it out:

Different Trees in Different Biomes

Sepehr has been busy implementing a feature that allows for different trees to spawn in different biomes when the areas are terraformed. This required a bunch of work since not every piece of data necessary was saved in the current save files. Plus, Sepehr has also made it so that these trees disappear when you place a building on them, making it easier to build your city.


Besides these, Sepehr and I investigated some small memory leaks which should help out with performance.

Futuristic Roads

Adriana has been busy creating concepts for some new futuristic roads that fit the sci-fi setting of InfraSpace. These roads should fit better with the sci fi vibe of InfraSpace.

That’s it for this week’s update. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon with more news on InfraSpace!


Always wondered why the truckes hovered when there was a road beneath them :thinking:

The moss is looking good. If you have the time, could you apply it more in the shady site, eg. north on an northern hemisphere landing site?

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