Friday Dev News #11: Alpha Release!

Hello everyone!

The time has come, we’re finally releasing the first public version of InfraSpace, Alpha 5! :tada

If you have signed up to the Alpha, you should have got an email already. In case the email ended up in the spam folder, please mark it as “not spam”, and let us know about it!
If you have not signed up to the Alpha yet, you can do so on our website and you’ll receive the download link. The same goes for any of your friends that might be interested :wink:

This week we’ve worked on a lot of things to get the game ready for playtesting, like

  • u-turns for cars
  • traffic balanced to be easier, since we’ll have a lot of beginners
  • new sound effects + music
  • integrated new better-looking sand planet
  • update notifications ingame
  • forum integration ingame
  • automatic error reporting for exceptions etc. (so players don’t have to send Player.log files for every small bug)
  • tons of bugfixes + balancing changes

But a game says more than 1000 words, so I’m not going to go into any more details here and let the game do the talking.

If you run into any bugs or issues, be sure to report them on the forum or on the Discord server, so we can fix them for the next version.
It’s an early Alpha, but I’m very proud of what we’ve put together already, so I’m eager for your feedback.

Happy playing!

So I just loaded up the Infra Space Alpha. Played for a while, up to Level 2. I will dive back in when you add more gameplay. Looks good so far, but obviously this is very, very early, and way to soon to pass any judgement. However, if you make it with the same love and care as Founder’s Fortune, it will be excellent…

Deputy Dawg signing off… Good luck and say hi to Daniel x

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