Friday Dev News #109 - Biomes & Mushrooms

Hello everyone,

we hope you’re having a great day and are excited for the latest news on our development. Our current focus is getting the terraforming update into a playable state.

Different Trees in different Biomes

Each biome has their own vegetation. Unfortunately, Biome data is not explicitly saved in the current version of the game, so our programmer Sepehr had to recreate it from the seed, which took some time.

But now, the terraformed planet features different vegetation in each of the biomes:

(Note: terrain paint is turned off temporarily in these screenshots, just programmer testing shots)

Volcano Mushrooms

Since the soil on the volcano is mixed with ash, the vegetation is a lot different. The terraformed version of the volcano will feature large mushroom plants, made by Lasse:


The billboards idea has been well received so Adriana made a couple of futuristic ads for our InfraSpace companies. Which ones do you like the best?


This is how they could look like in game (sign model not done yet, this was prototyped with text building feature :wink: )


That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates on InfraSpace. We hope we can get the terraforming update to you soon, and we’re grateful for your support.

Take care,
The InfraSpace team

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If the residents eat the mushrooms and chill out, will they stop abusing their appliances so much? :sweat_smile:

Maybe farms get an efficiency bonus when built in vegetation areas?

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Will the ad frames include the files with the save games or just the folder so they get synced by steam?

Or would one have to make a mod and then they get selected by enabling the mod(s)?

Another idea, what if the last zoom level places the camera on the ground looking slightly up, like a street view and the paning then switches to rotating at the same spot?

It woudl be nice if you could use your own pictures and short videos to use on the billboards but these may be displayed on the bilboard the player places and not something that a existing building places.

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