Friday Dev News #108 - Terraformed Forests

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another Friday Dev News!

Terraforming Progress

In order to feel natural, the terraformed planet needs a lot more objects of two types: Trees and grass.
Our programmer Sepehr and Artist Lasse worked together this week to spawn trees on the terraformed parts of the map. Check out the result and let us know which color scheme you like best!

(Note: grass is still missing and will change the look a little. More on that next week!)

Color scheme A:

Color scheme B:

Color scheme C:

Decoration Buildings: Billboards

We’re planning to add some simple decorative buildings so you can change the look and feel of your city to your liking.

This week we’re presenting the idea of ad billboards, featuring the companies you already see on the buildings. Check out Adriana’s concepts:

Some billboards may even display a small video, like these:

Exo lab

What do you think about the idea of you being able to add your own pictures in-game?

Save Load Improvement and Refactoring Merge

I’ve been working on general code improvement in the background and merged a big reorganization of about 40% of the code into the internal development branch. The intention of this cleanup is making future development easier.

During this work, I noticed some inefficiencies regarding save loading that were introduced in the new update. I managed to reduced save load times by 58%. There is more we can do for save loading performance, but general game performance nees a look at also :slight_smile:

Happy playing!


I like A and C. Maybe you could add some variety with a vornoi noise shader that transitiones between the two?

I have seen the difference in the green in the(soon to be) grass and this could be like the result of the longer you try to terraform that area. You just start terraforming, scarce patches of grass.
Sometime later A bit heathier ecosystem. A long time of teraforming, a very lush jungle

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