Friday Dev News #107 - Filtering Mesh Factories

Hello everyone,

we’re continuously marching forward to the terraforming update release and so far, we’re not too far off our original time plan!

New Factories for Filtering Meshes and Superconducting Coils

Terraforming a planet is no small feat, and your industry needs to be set up to provide the necessary machines and parts.

There are three major ways of terraforming the planet:

  • Filtering toxic and acidic particles from the atmosphere and ground
  • Fertilizing the soil
  • Strengthening the magnetic field of the planet to keep the sun’s radiation at bay

All the filtering facilities need to be provided with single-use filtering meshes that removes the undesired particles.
Our concept artist Adriana made a couple of sketches:

The magnetic field generation is a different story: The generator is a massive building similar to the adamantine drill. In order to create a magnetic field that’s strong enough to cover the nearby regions, you are going to need superconducting coils. These are a specialized late game resource, which are going to be produced in factories like these:

I’m hoping we’ll be able to show you some 3D models next week!

Trees for the Highland Plateaus and the River

Now that we figured out a nice and efficient shader to display our trees, we have created some more trees for the other biomes.

I’m a big fan of the colors of the new highland trees (here shown in the desert):

The river will not be that dry anymore, so the river trees look a little like mangroves:

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to build in the slightly wet river (water patches not shown here) :wink:

In the mean time, the coders of team are working on the terraforming algorithm and refactoring (= cleaning up) the code - more about that next week!

Happy playing!

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