Friday Dev News #106 - Terraforming and Wind

Hello everyone,

Terraforming Progress

We have started to properly work on the actual terraforming implementation. Step 1 is exchanging the old models, terrain paint, and grass colors for their terraformed versions in areas where the terraforming progress is advanced enough.

We’re probably finished with the grass and terrain paint and are going to take care of changing the models next week. After that, we’ll tie the terraforming progress to the respective buildings, like the ammonia extractor or the magnetic field generator.

Ready for a programmer’s screenshot? This one shows how to we are changing grass + terrain paint in the circular terraformed area on the left side. Soon, an artist is going to go over it and actually make it look good.


Lasse has been working on ways to render trees in a way that looks good and is efficient enough even with all the leaves. I think we have found a good solution and it even includes a nice little wind effect:



We have integrated the VAT method and tried it out in a save of 50k people. It’s a nice improvement both on the graphics card and CPU side. More optimizations to be done on the simulation.

Code Quality

In the last couple of weeks I have been refactoring the codebase and cleaning it up while all the other work is going on. I’m thinking this will make future work on the game easier and should be worth it in the long run!

Happy playing!

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