Friday Dev News #103 - Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re ready for the holidays!
First things first:
We’re collecting all bug reports that come in during the winter holidays and in the next year we’re going to focus on fixes + performance + terraforming on the programming side.

Meanwhile, on the art side, we have a couple of ideas for additional city decorations that can be developed independently of the high prio points above.

Today I’m just gonna share two images:

Since InfraSpace is a traffic simulation game to some degree, we have been missing some parking lots for quite a while. What do you think about this concept for a futuristic parking lot?

Other ideas for additional city buildings include monuments, malls, and colored tiles that you can use to mark different areas of your city.

Finally there could also be some fun stuff like a crashed ufo :wink:

Do you have more ideas for decoration buildings you’d like to see? Share!

After Christmas we’ll get back to bugfixing and dev, until then I’m keeping an eye out for severe issues and which you all happy holidays!

The new graphics look great. The UFO adds to a question that I have about the updated environment, and that is this: is it possible that things could be placed in the environment that could be used in the development of your city? For example, could it be that some of the plant life could be harvested to help feed residents? If that’s the case then maybe we could recover part of the UFO to help advance the development of technology somehow? I suppose what I’m looking to do is interact with the environment in a greater than we do now. Like, what are those glowing pillars doing? They’re cool looking, but can we use them?


With the environment Update out I have noticed the different plants scattered all around and some of them look like fungi so could there be diseases and hospitals to cure them?

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