Friday Dev News #10

Hello everyone!


We did some internal playtesting last weekend and we found - we need to do some bugfixing. There have been a bunch of issues with cars randomly stopping or not moving through intersections properly as well as saving and loading.
So, this week I spent the first couple of days going through all the small things and making the game more stable so it’s ready for a public release next Friday.

New Screenshots for Steam + Website

When you’re developing a game and sharing it early, your screenshots go out of date as soon as you make them. On our website and our Steam page, we have been using old test screenshots that included a lot of programmer art and art tests instead of proper assets. That’s why this week we’ve updated these assets and have already seen a (small) uptick in wishlisting on Steam :slight_smile:

New Terrain Experiments

For a while we’ve noticed that our terrain has been looking quite drab and uninteresting. We thought it’s probably because of the dark sky and all the red tones as well as the red lighting.

So Andreas sat down and made some experiments with a new environment:

Let me us know what you think about it!

Founders’ Fortune Update 1.1

And the rest of the week was spent on pushing out Update 1.1 for our previous game, Founders’ Fortune. Next week we should be able to spend more time on InfraSpace and finally get the public Alpha ready!


Really enjoying the new artwork :slight_smile: - the code guys never get any credit :joy:

I feel the blue sky is really too blue and takes the colour depth away from the foreground.

Here’s an Oz image showing similar earth types:


Just a thought :slight_smile:

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The new colors certainly look pretty and more inviting, but I don’t think it quite matches the “other world” look you seem to be going for. It looks quite a bit like earth now.

As always I love the updates and can’t wait for Friday to come!

@GatewayGaming - Hi :slight_smile:

If you are referring to the image above, that is a photo of Kata Tjuta in central Australia (Oz) and when you visit them you really do feel like you are on another world :earth_asia: :alien:

I was referring to the game screenshots but Kata Tjuta looks beautiful! Did I accidentally reply to your comment instead of the post :sweat_smile: