Friday Dev News #1

Welcome to Friday Dev News everyone!

Friday Dev News is supposed to be a small update post each Friday to let you guys know about how development is going right now. While we were working on our last game, Founders’ Fortune, most players liked our clear communication when it came to dev news. The only issue? We only posted when we were sure we had some great news to share, so players often went without any news for weeks in between updates.

This Devlog is my attempt to fix this and create a more regular stream of communication between players and devs. At the moment it’s still an experiment, but if you’re reading this, I’ve set the forum to public, which means I have a good feeling about being able to continue this in the future. We’re using the forum for Friday Dev News so everybody can join the discussion and share their opinion more easily :slight_smile:

The Actual News

We’re currently working on sci-fi city building game that mixes Factorio production chains with Cities Skylines traffic simulation and city management. By the time this is public, we’ve probably made an official announcement post, but at the time of writing, our project code name is “InfraSpace” - short for “Infrastructure in Space”. This is what it looks like now, using my programmer art:

I already spent 2 months programming the basic systems before deciding this is a worthwhile game to pursue. Now, even though I’m itching to get started with actual full-time production, I had to spend the past week with all kinds of organizational stuff. First, there is of course Founders’ Fortune which has been out of Early Access now for about 2 weeks. Of course, there are still a lot of feedback texts and bug reports coming in, so I have to dedicate some time for fixes and player communication. I expect this to become a lot less time consuming in a couple weeks time.

The New Office

Though FF upkeep work is all nice and well, the big time-killer was the new office!
That’s right. Last year in September, unfortunately our landlord went bankrupt, so we had to leave our office. We resorted to working from home and I spent the next 3 months working, eating, and sleeping in my small apartment in Munich. Now that FF has been released, I decided to spend some time and money to make sure we have a proper new place to start the next big project. Check out the pics!

It’s on the 3rd floor and quite spacey, which makes me optimistic that we’ll have a good time working there :smiley:

Welcome Andreas, our new full-time Artist!

When our last game Founders’ Fortune got its Graphics Updates, most players were pleasantly surprised by how much better it looked. Now that we’re able to start development with some funds from our last game paying the bills, we can afford to have a professional artist on the team!

Andreas is joining in January and he’s already made some concepts for how the new game could look like.

Keep in mind that this the result of a couple of days of initial tests and will only get better from here!

This post was supposed to be short, but I guess there is a lot to talk about. I could go on for longer, but let’s keep some things for next week’s Friday Dev News when we will have had a chance to get started :wink:

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