French translation

Hey, I would like to help Devs and translate (for free) this game into french version. Are you interested ?


Hey ! I’m French and I’m interested to help you to translate this game into french version !

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Welcome to the forum @Anifanield!

Also, thanks for your enthusiasm!
Check out this post to get started: How to help translating Founders' Fortune đź’¬

@Anifanield Salut :slight_smile: tu peux m’aider si tu veux à faire une relecture et à finaliser la version FR :slight_smile:


@CdriX Hi, thanks for the translation !
I’m french too, even if i speak and understand english very well.
I spotted some errors, and not translated things, i’ll try to make a list and go to Github trying to help you !
If needed, my Git username is CCKPZ38 !

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Hello, I have found some issue in french translation and also spanish one.
I am french, Can I help to translate if necessary ? My github name is Chaveex. (

I can even contribuate a little on spanish as I speak spanish all the day my girlfriend but just if I find bugs

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Hi @Chaveex and welcome to the forum!
Glad you want to help :slight_smile:

We track issues about the community translations on the issues page on GitHub:

@CdriX is in charge of the French community translation and Leo is leading the Spanish one. We have a lot of help already, but I’ll ping them both to talk to you (they are more active on the Discord Server).

Thanks! :smiley:

@Chaveex I added you as a contributor. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: