FPS, GPU low usage and Lag

Hello everyone,
Been playing this game for a while its good and I want to put to point out why there is low GPU usage when I have a 3070 paired with a Ryzen 3700x with 32 G ram. I am getting like 90 frames with everything set to high and usage is like 60% for GPU, 45% CPU and my GPU Watts dropped to like 150 from 210 Watts when I started the game. Any help would be appreciated It could be the new Nvidia drivers or windows 11 being weird again but I do not know why a powerful rig like mine cant push this simple game that barely has anything going on. I have played other games and I get around 140 to 110 frames according to map size and units on screen. Also no Wattage drops like this game does.

Please let me know what it is thank you for your help.

I have left this screenshot for reference to the fps

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