Founders' Fortune Update Teaser

Hello everyone!

We made something special for you…

Playtesters apply on Discord

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I guess I just might have to venture on Discord after all. I’ve just never felt comfortable there :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: And maybe I should hurry to finish my own paintings for the game, which I haven’t worked on in ages… :roll_eyes:

Edit again: After a bit of a hassle (being somehow already logged in to Discord but now coming from a “new” location - I’ve lived here since April 2020 so I guess I didn’t visit since before my move. - and having to verify and apparently my birthday isn’t what I thought it was!? However will I tell that to my family?) I managed to join your Discord and click the F. But I figure it might be wise to mention that my username on there is “Crabsnake” (I first joined to check in on the Subnautica modding channel, but that was all way above what I’m capable of.)

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