Founders Fortune Update 1.2.9 Fixes

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!

This update fixes 3 things:

  • Fixed books created by colonist writers not appearing in your storage

  • Fixed children getting a bad thought about not getting paid enough salary right after growing up.

  • Updated some translations.

Since Founders’ Fortune is a finished game, I don’t check by the forums as often anymore. Still, if there are any other bugs I have missed, let me know in the comments. I hope you’ve been enjoying the game!

New Game in the Works

For the last 5 months we’ve been working on a new game. We have learned a lot during the development of both Founders’ Fortune and InfraSpace and hope to apply it all to make our 3rd game the best one yet. If you enjoy Founders’ Fortune, you might be happy to know it goes a little bit into that direction again…

Though there are some major differences to Founders’ Fortune, too. It’s more of the similar atmosphere, and a different-but-related genre.

Let me know if there is interest in the Founders’ Fortune community for signing up to a closed Alpha or to a mailing list and I’ll see what I can do once the game is ready :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the feedback and support and once again,
happy playing!