Founders' Fortune Maintenance Update 1.1.4 Released

For GOG users and for anyone who may have missed Daniel’s post about Founder’s Fortune upgrade announcement on Steam.


Hello everyone!

I’m glad that many of you are still enjoying Founders’ Fortune!

Software quality has always been important to me, so I’m happy to release a sizeable Maintenance Update today which fixes some of the issues that you have reported on the forums or on Discord.


  • Fixed a bug where pirates would walk through gates sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where a trader would need protection from pirates even though the player had “peaceful pirates” turned on
  • Fixed a bug where animals wouldn’t heal injuries
  • Fixed a bug where tutorial messages would still appear after you turned them off in the settings
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t edit work orders on the workbench
  • Fixed a bug where children could get strange traits when growing up, like optimistic and pessimistic at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where carrying an enemy corpse over a trap would trigger it and hurt the villager
  • Fixed a bug where regaining consciousness while being carried would distort the villager’s body
  • Fixed a bug where the name tag and related objects would lag terribly when a person was carried
  • Fixed a bug where life bars and related objects would be visible on the screen if looking in the opposite direction
  • Fixed a bug where the strong watchtower would only have one half covered in snow
  • Fixed a bug where goblin archers with armor wouldn’t fall unconscious and die properly
  • Fixed a bug where, after a death in the villager, a villager would expect to get a salary but not tell you about it when you hover over the expectation
  • Fixed a bug where gendered text would be male on female villagers after starting a NewGame+
  • Fixed a bug where the aging bar wouldn’t display properly after starting a NewGame+

Other Changes

  • The doctor robe now gives a bonus on crafting potions, the craftsman clothes do not.
  • Fixed an issue where you could deny lots of wishes and exploit the sleeping spot wish for satisfaction points. Now, there is a limit to how many wishes you can deny
  • Nightmares and bad dreams are a little less powerful now (I know seasoned players know how to deal with them, but new players get frustrated too often)

We’re going to continue post-release support for Founders’ Fortune, so if you find any more bugs you would like to have fixed, let us know on the forum. Since we’re usually hard at work on our next game, I’ll collect any reported issues in a list. Once enough issues have accumulated or a game breaking bug has been found, I’ll take some time off from our next game and fix all reported bugs at once.

Happy playing!

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Oh so that’s why my animals healed this time! :slight_smile:

Thanks Roo for posting here, and thanks to Daniel for fixing all the bugs.

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