Founders' Fortune Game Suggestions

First of I have to say that the game is extremely fun to play! It is now one of my all time favourite strategy games! I started playing 3 days ago and have already become addicted! So over the past 3 days I have thought of some nice suggestions for the future updates of the game. I would really appreciate it if you could read them. Thank you.

It would be very nice to have other villages that are controlled by the computer, that also start with the same amount of colonists as you do, they should be able to advance in technology just as you can but at different speeds, depending on the resources, traits etc… that they have. You should be able to set how many AI you want in your game if any to make it custom and also add a button that randomizes that setting… With the AI added also have some of the tribes throughout the map, but have the tribes be only able to advance in better weapons, armor etc… and not any structures. So now there would be AI controlled villages around the map with small tribes inbetween them. One thing to add to this is you could add a CLASSIC gamemode where it is only YOU vs TRIBES as it is currently, and a COLONIES/COLONY gamemode where it is YOU vs COLONIES vs TRIBES.

I also thought that it would be very interesting to add different islands and ships into the game so that the player could colonize new islands around the map. There should be AI controlled villages on different islands too but not all so that the player can find an island just for themselves. There would be different types of ships for example a Fishing Ship that is used for fishing (Obviously), a Transport Ship which you can use to transport resources and colonists with to other islands and a War Ship that can be used to attack other ships/colonies and defend your island from enemies trying to take over. The AI should also be able to have ships and colonize on other islands, but obviously make it so that they colonize once they are more advanced so they dont just go around colonizing all the islands.

With the ships added into the game, there could be a trading system, it would use transport ships. But you would need to build a trading dock first. The trading dock would be used to set the ship routes and the things you buy/sell. Then the ships would sail around to different colonized islands with trading docks unless they are still not as advanced in technology to be able to build the trading dock. But if they are advanced enough they should be able to set their own ship routes and what they buy/sell from/to others. Also make it so that it all depends on the relations with the colonies so the ones that dont have good relations with each other wont buy/sell from/to each other. Obviously that would take away the meaning of the trader that comes every couple of days and make him useless. So I came up with an idea! The trader would still come every couple of days but he would sell very high-quality/rare items such as armor, tools, weapons etc… To add to this the trader would buy items for much higher and sell resources such as wood, stone, food etc… Much cheaper than the other colonies. The trader could also have treasure maps for sale that would be extremely expensive and only he could sell them to you. The treasure that you would find would be main resources such as wood, stone, food, coins and maybe 1 or 2 tools etc… The treasure maps would be rare and you would not be able to buy them everytime the trader arrives as he wont have them everytime. To not make the treasure maps OP the cost of them should be VERY expensive as I stated before… Unless there would not be much resuources gained from the treasure maps.

My last idea is to maybe add live stock such as sheep, cows, pigs etc… So that the player could butcher them for meat or collect milk/eggs/wool/leather from them. The meat, milk and eggs would be obviously used for food and the leather/wool could be used to craft the MASTER clothing so that COTTON would still be useful for crafting APPRENTICE clothing.

If you have read through all my ideas ‘down’ to this point then I would like to THANK YOU for doing so! I appreciate you taking the time! These are most of my ideas. I have a couple more, though they have not been thought through enough so I wont include them. I understand that these suggestions might not be used in-game (Probably wont) but I still wanted to give you some of my ideas for it, maybe you will be able to think of better things using these suggestions. :no_entry: (SORRY FOR ANY TYPING ERRORS) :no_entry:


Hi Vito,

Some well thought out ideas :slight_smile: and your typing is better than mine :flushed:

Others have already posted some of your ideas before:

  • different islands
  • fishing boats
  • domestic and wild animals birds
  • other trades and villages

but you put it together very well as a single game with some good creative use of various items.

@daniel has commented before on interest in some of these ideas, so we may see them in the future. Though I’m sure his ‘to do’ list is very long and covers all areas of the game, so its a wait and see.

Adding other villages adds a lot of complexity to the game and also uses up a lot of space and resources. It may be an area that is better suited to modders whom want to try out different concepts of this great game in the future.

Keep the ideas rolling in :yum:


@roo Thank you :slight_smile: It was kinda hard to explain tried my best :nerd_face: Yeah that is true his list is probably super long from all the suggestions that everyone has. I agree, the villages would add a lot of complexity to the game though, that is a very good point :thinking: I sure will post more suggestions in the future. As said in the post Thank YOU so much for taking your time to read through my suggestions! It is very appreciated! :blush:

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You can also check the roadmap at to see what DEV have in mind for the futur some of your suggestion are on it (i admit haven’t read all your post for now but i’ll do tomorrow after work)

Keep up posting and enjoying the game have a good night :slight_smile:

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@Wow! thank you :star_struck: I didnt even know that there was a roadmap :hushed: I just read it and it has like 90% of what I suggested :sweat_smile: That is AWESOME though! Will do! Thank you again! You too :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel … I have a couple of suggestion to make … when one of the settlers was sent off to gather shall we say cotton, and is quite a distance from the camp … it would be good to be able to send him back to camp with just one/two clicks … at the moment when a settler is active and you right click on the map you get the ring menu with the options to Dance, Relax, Cheer, Wait Here and Go Here … I was thinking that it would be better if you could click on the active settler instead of next to them on open ground … and when choosing one of the options Dance,Relax and Cheer they would stay where they are and not have to move to the spot clicked … for the option “Wait Here” they could stay on the spot or if clicked somewhere else on the map move there and Wait … obviously “Go Here” you have to click somewhere else on the map … I think there should be another option added “Go Home” to send settlers back to camp … instead of having to scroll over the map to click on the camp using “Go Here” to send them there
In the Help docs under Baiscs it should be made clear that you have to right click on objects to get the options menu for the different objects, as in the Book Stand to analyze or the Camp Fire to cook food … I have seen in YT videos people building a camp fire and don’t understand why the settlers don’t cook their food … when a settlers profession is set to Farmer it shows that he cooks food … a lot of people think he will do this automaticly … it is not clear in the Help Docs that you have to right click on the camp fire and choose what he should cook
I’m having a lot of fun playing the game and hope you can continue developing and adding to it

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I see, thanks!

It’s a little bit of an issue defining of what “home” really is… If people don’t have assigned beds, it’s not always easy to assign. If they do have a bed assigned, there is a trick:

Click on the bed symbol in their expectations list to move the camera to their bed :smiley:

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Also farmers will cook food automatically, so long as the box is checked, but it might not be the highest priority.
I let mine grow food through the growing season, then when winter comes they will cook all that food.