Food Expectations

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but it’s definitely bugging me. All the houses have all 3 food shelves available and the paths aren’t blocked yet the expectation keeps going from green to yellow when it comes to having a variety of kitchen food and baked goods, it seems like half of the time they grab the wrong type and prevent new kids from joining the colony. :pensive:

Any ideas how to solve that, apart from just waiting for them to finally eat the right food? :sweat_smile:

you can “force” them to eat different type of food, they mostr of the time take the nearest without worrying about what it is, so in my game when it happen i give order to fulfill the wish by sending him/her eating the food needed

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I’ve done that but usually can’t remember whether they need to eat the kitchen food or baked goods. And I have four cases of this right now, it’s hard to keep track of them. I really wish the tab would just say which food type exactly they need to eat next.

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they need to change the type of food many time (one time raw, one time baked, etc) not juste one time but normally they do it by their own it’s strange that they keep using only one type of food maybe they are allergic or something ?

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Hi Nevi,

You will find that the Foundies with the highest food requirements will need a blend of food over time:

Meals from Kitchen 3 to 4 times in a row
followed by
0ne meal from the bakery

Excess bakery food is not recommended and try to avoid more than twice in a row as its bad for them (and me :joy:)
It will also drop their food rating down… :open_mouth:

I found that you may have to micromanage some of them at times, but it is only the bakery food that seems to be the missing link.

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That’s what I thought but none of them have allergies or even a favourite type of food, still they seem to favor baked goods over the kitchen food.

They seem to be in love with the baked food, one time I did remember that one of them had eaten baked food twice in a row and still he went for it again. :joy:

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that’s straqnge tbh but well sometime colonist are just… colonist you know they do what they want xD

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