Flying trader

Another odd occurence: the tikigoblins knocked out a trader, so after the battle I had someone carry him to a bed. At first, this person carried him to their own bed. Apparently, the bed has a defense function, because the trader started bouncing off the bed into the air. As in, several times the height of a wall high, through the roof. Of course, just as I was trying to take a screenshot, another colonist was clever enough to move the trader to an unowned bed. This bed had the security deactivated, because no more bouncing :wink:

Also, the notification of the trader leaving came soon after, but the trader didn’t actually leave until he woke up. Bit sad, because the trader arrived during the battle and because of his injuries left before we could actually trade.

It’s the mysterious flying trader, like the legends foretold!

Jokes aside, thanks for letting me know. If you can find out how to reproduce this issue, that would help me track it down.

I laughed pretty hard when it happened.

I’ll see what I can do. Poor trader, I foresee him getting beat up a few times…

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