Fixing one bug and finding another

Well, the last update 5.7 fixed some bugs and I love how the game is shaping up. Bugs were fixed and now there are a couple more found. Bug number 1 is resources, it seems that when I make cement factory or steel mill the game does not tag the resource that the factory or mill needs sulfur or iron whatever the case may be. When I look at the resource being made it will hold it in its inventory until another factory or (in the case of the Steel mill) the research needs the iron. I can move things around and remove things and replace them and get everything to work correctly for a few minutes but then it goes right back to not giving the resources needed.

Bug 2 is more of an open door for exploit I like it but I also know that it should not happen. I can place a mine down then move it quite far from the resource it is mining.

I hope this is helpful.

Does the first bug still happen after reloading? If so, sending me a save ( would be much appreciated!

As for the second bug… shhh, don’t tell anybody :wink:

It’s been 2 updates since then and the Bugs have been squished. Very Good updates I like this game more and more.

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