First comment

Hi everyone

first of all, this is a great game. I enjoy it very much.
Good graphics, nice animations.
As others have mentioned it would be nice to have an overview of production within a certain district, i think that is exactly it. “nice to have” but not necessary. I think it would make the game too easy.
No more challenge if the game tells you to add one building of this and another of that.
We should do the maths ourselves. It not that hard and it trains the brain. :wink:

And for the microchip problem, don´t change it too much. It reflects the real world problem quite well, intentionally or not. :grinning:

One suggestion though. It would be good to have the option to load the trains with specific goods other than making a district of the station and prohibiting all other goods. But i´m sure this will come or i haven´t figured it out yet.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks! Don’t worry, I think the neural processors were technically not even that unbalanced it’s just that yellow science and home robots are a very sudden step up in difficulty and it’s currently a bit annoying to build a lot of small buildings, like the neural processor factory or the nanotubes factory. Once we address these issues in other ways we can tighten the difficulty again :slight_smile: