Few notes where title must be at least 10 characters and that is just silly

I don’t know if this is supposed to be like this, but I think not so reporting. This is for 7.3 though.

  • Upon loading some colonists will have unequipped some of their gear.

  • Some colonists want duplicate furniture, caused by shared furniture in the beginning when house was shared. They want to get back furniture that no longer exist or are owned by who know who else. And only building two new will satisfy.

  • Colonist will to follow commands is terrible. However, the only command that do work. If told to “stay here” they will actually stay there until they die of hunger. Like it should be.

  • Colonist AI is worse. Taking stroll around the colony to eat. NEVER using nearby furniture. NEVER using own furniture.

  • Miner must have knocked his head. Walking 300 meters to get some crystals that i don’t need, but not bothered to take the stone that i do need 150 meters other way. Sometimes he decide to listen to my command and mine stone, but usually he decide to mine crystals further away instead. If told to only mine stone he just sit in his house or bother my farmers.

  • Apple trees need to be as common as cotton patches. Maybe mix apple trees into regular forest.

  • End of tech tree is unrewarding. And still quickly climbed to. I played without apples and towers. Also without swords, bows and armor. I don’t like 0.7~.

Hi Malhalla, I’ll answer in bullet points as well:

  • If you have a save where colonists unequip gear they should have equipped, please share it.

  • I’m not sure how they want duplicate furniture? If you satisfied their wish, but moved them out of their house, they are going to want the furniture back. If you destroyed it and moved everyone to different houses, every one will remember they once had access to such furniture. But they shouldn’t wish for 2 pieces!

  • Colonist AI is the one big thing we couldn’t get to for Alpha 7 (except for combat mode and multi-select, which are big features themselves).

  • Apple trees are randomly more or less common by design. If you play on an island with few or no apple trees, you’ll need to be more careful with your farming and buy any apples you want from the trader. In the future, we plan to not make every resource available every time.

  • May I ask how long it took you to get to the end of the tech tree in Alpha 7 and on which difficulty? I regularly get saves from people where they haven’t unlocked everything after 18 hours of play, but I’m sure you can do it quicker.

What I have noticed about colonists wanting furniture is that sometimes they will wish for furniture to be put back (with a 0 reward), except that they already have that furniture. If you move it a square their wish will be fulfilled. I have sent you a save game.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

This only fixes it temporarily. Not sure what set it back, maybe reload. The only permanent fix I found is to give them two pieces. In fact when juggling the pieces in and out of house one piece doesn’t always work, unless perhaps it is the original piece, but the colonist is also set to have a new piece I believe. So the error stem from colonist wanting both the old and new piece, which is actually any two pieces. Perhaps this occur if multiple colonists that live in the same house have a wish for the same piece of furniture.


Hey Malhalla and Sebster, I just released Alpha 7.5 which fixes this. Thanks for the reports!