Feedback: Tool Management

Hi there I am not fully through the game yet so I might have just missed it if there is one but have you considered putting in a way to organize and manage tools/weapons/clothing atm my colonists just seem to throw them on the ground.

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Hi @Unholy!
Glad to welcome you to the community!

You’re correct: Tool boxes, weapon racks and armor stands are sorely needed :smiley:
The thing is that while it is common sense to put that in the game, it doesn’t really change the gameplay itself that much, does it? So since we’ve been focusing on the core game design so much, we just didn’t have the time to these kinds of things.

How’s your game been going so far? How many colonists did you get until now?

My game has been going great I am up to 10 colonists and one of the only bugs I’ve really run into that has been consistant is sometimes my colonists will get stuck in a hallway and nearly starve to death. The fix ive found is moving them in the direction that they came from and then having them repeat the action.

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You are up to 10 colonists? On Alpha 6? That’s great!
People always report that surviving winter is so hard, how’s that been for you?

I think with 10 colonists you might have one of the biggest bases of Alpha 6. Do you mind uploading a screenshot or something? (You can take screenshots with F12 and in the keybinding settings panel you can find a shortcut button to open the screenshots folder)

If it looks cool, we could even post it on Twitter :smiley:

Hi! I just started playing (thank Nookrium :smile:)

My problem with the tools lying on the ground is they block that area. You can’t place any furniture or anything there and I haven’t found a way to move them. Maybe until there’s something to store them in (ideas below), make it so we can at least grab them and move them like we do with furniture?

Ideas for storage: Something like a toolshed for watering can, pickaxes and a soldier’s training room/station to store actual weapons in? Or weapons storage could be an attachment/addition to towers? I don’t know… just off the top of my head!

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Hi @Malania, welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Nookrium’s video was pretty great!
About moving the tools for now: You can tell one of your colonists to equip the tool that’s bugging you and then have him walk to some other place. In his equipment panel, you can then press the button for “unequip” and he’ll drop it at his current location.

It’s a little micromangament right now, but sooner or later, we need to do equipment storage anyways.

Ahhhh! Duh :smiley: Yeah I was thinking to have them pick up/equip… but then also thinking “Welp, they’re just gonna drop the tool they already have equipped in the same place” hehe Thanks!

  • A little micromanagement isn’t always bad :stuck_out_tongue:
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Ya i came here to figure out how to equip my tools. After it was created, it was dropped behind a wall. I was like where the hell is my axe, after when it made my pick axe i put it outside on the side wall. But it seems to me you have storage for your food, why not for your tools and weapons. Could even have separate ones for more stuff to build!!!

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Welcome to the forum @Abashire!

Just wait for the next update and see… :wink:

Nice, cant wait, and if you guys or no one else has mentioned. Have a way of your choice to know who is who. When they want to talk to people, it makes it a pain to find the person they want to talk to. As well when i need to fight i gotta find where my guys are and then click and attack.

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