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Hi thanks for new update , been playing awhile but still haven’t got a relationship to the point of having any children due to more urgent tasks need to be done , would like to put my 5 cents in regarding what direction the devs should go next I think survival should be focused on next , weather that mean boats and fishing or more islands , maybe underground mining , more tech or items , maybe a basic quest system or adventures by taking people to another island or investigating and old mineshaft or crypt that leads to underground activities … Just a thought , keep up your good work :slight_smile: , please other users feel free to add your ideas and or input


Some good ideas there - and some have been asked for before :smiley:

The Dev’s keep a list of ideas/needs for the game, which probably go on a priority list to go with Alpha updates.

Is there a thread for that ?

Yeah, no thread - but there really should be :+1:

Hopefully Daniel will reply to this topic and maybe put up some better outline rather than what is fairly old news on the websites Store page - under Roadmap.

Though the Dev’s wouldn’t want to be tied into anything concrete while the game is still in the Alpha development phase.

Still, maybe if they don’t have the time, I will post a topic with all of the most common requests which will give everyone some idea of what has been requested so far and give them the chance to throw in their 2 cents worth.

I like the idea of quests and other activities - reminds me of the old Dink Smallwood add-on quests that I enjoyed some time ago (cough, cough)…

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That game was cool but too short


Since we don’t make any promises for, we don’t publish our notes for future updates, other than the roadmap on the store page.

I’m reading pretty much every piece of feedback I can find and you’re welcome to collect some common points in a thread if you want. @Malhalla tried to do this once, but apparently it hasn’t been kept up-to-date.

I’m thinking of possibly letting you know what we’re working on sooner this update. Not waiting till the last one or two weeks before revealing what’s new. :thinking: I’ll have to see if that will be possible.

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Also another idea I’ve had for awhile is before you start a game to be able to select how big of an island , how many tiki tribes etc

yes I would love that.I would get one with no huts.