Feedback from a new player :)

Hi all ! First post here after about 15 hours of play, and 1 city to level 6.

Loving the vibe of the game, it’s really chill, engaging, pretty looking, and feels like there are infinite ways to design an efficient system. I find the whole execution really appealing.

I do have a few issues with specific things, that i will list below

1 - a minor point, but when the “research succesful” message pops up, it stops your cursor from drawing or placing a building. This is a small thing, but it can get really frustrating when you’re in the middle of placing a delicate piece of road, and you get interrupted.

2 - drawing roads can be really tedious, because the “preview” of the road lies. It sometimes shows that it will be ok, but then you draw it and it’s not. If the preview of roads is not accurate, it becomes really difficult to ever trust it, and it then becomes a trial and error game. Hardly engaging.

3 - same goes for power pylons, which sometimes show that they will place ok, but then sink in rocks. The preview should be reliable and trustworthy.

4 - widening roads by upgrading them can easily disturb buildings and get in the way. I understand that some building are better left on side roads that won’t need upgrading (sand mines is the best example), but it can happen with others. If you give me the option to snap buildings to roads, but then punish me for it by making me move them when i upgrade said roads, it feels really “chore like” to have to move all of them.

I think this is it for now, I will start another city today, and will try my best to find out other little nagging things, in the hopes that it helps developping a better game :slight_smile: Keep it up, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Hi again !
I have been playing a lot more in the past couple of days, and here is some more feedback :slight_smile:

1- i’m not sure what happened, but roads are now curving even with the curve button off. please fix asap as this is making it impossible to draw straight angles.

2- when trying to place a building on top of another one, it shows red, which is fine, but still lets you place it. I don’t think we should be able to place a building if it is explicitly colliding with another one

3 - do material storage buildings have a cap on how much resource they can store ? and if so, what is it ?

that’s it for now, hopefully this is helpful :slight_smile:
really enjoying the game still , trying all sorts of cool or whacky ways to distribute resources efficiently and smoothly to my city, it’s really fun !

About 1:

Roads also auto-curve when raised, your roads may have been raised a tiny bit (you can do this by shift-R for example). I just uploaded a small update so they only start auto-curving when it’s at least 5 small steps in the air.


It might be worth putting something on the screen saying “Auto-curving elevated road” or something like that. I’m pretty sure my auto-curved roads weren’t being elevated. And even if they were being elevated, I would still get confused and angry if I lost control and didn’t understand why.

Re ‘snap to road’, the fantasy version of that is probably a configurable snap. “Snap as close as possible” “Leave room for 4 lane road” and “Leave room for 6 lane road” would be ideal. Then we can all snap as close as possible and be angry with ourselves for messing it up, instead of being angry with the developers for making an assumption we didn’t like.

Hi everyone, I will just add a suggestion here instead of creating a new topic
It would be really really awesome if there was a way to visualize / track traffic per resource (s)

In the visualization menu, looking at cars, a sub menu similar to the district menu could show up that could let us isolate which resources we’re tracking.

Still very much enjoying the game, the new road implementation and the fixing of the “segment too short” previous behaviour makes this very enjoyabe ! Keep it up :slight_smile: