Feedback: Exploring Colonists

One major issue that I’m having in my current playthrough is that I will often have colonists wander into or near enemy camps. Usually they will scout and gather resources from afar even when it is not necessary. For example my Forester will go long distances for trees while we still have remaining trees to chop in the local area. It happens with other colonists gathering cotton, stone, etcetera. The problem is that it happens a lot, I’m forced to send in colonists to wipe out the enemies so my Doctor can make it in time to bandage wounds. Often I won’t make it in time and my colonist will die and this can happen a few times causing me to reload a save and try to prevent it from happening.

It would really be helpful if there was a feature that would allow us to mark designated areas to be foraged so that our colonists can avoid inevitable decapitation. Likewise, if we can mark areas as dangerous or to be avoided by our colonists that would be great too.

Thanks for the report. A tool for marking the resources to collect is on our to do list.

Interesting idea.

I won’t do a quickfix update for this one, so I suggest the following two options for now

  1. You could try moving somewhere else. There is nothing forcing you to stay put at the spawn except that this is the place where migrants spawn.
  2. If your colony is strong enough to defeat the natives, you can destroy their village. We haven’t programmed any village respawning or repair yet.

Alright sounds good. I will try those options out and see how it goes, thanks!

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Finally wiped out one of the villages. It did take awhile as they kept respawning and the huts took quite some time to destroy, but it’s done!


One issue I encountered while migrating to another area is as I planned out some stone walls I decided against the location and deleted all of the wall plans. I did not receive the materials back and lost a good 150+ stone. :dizzy_face:


Oh I’m sorry for your loss. Life’s tough huh?
We’re gonna take care of a refund system :wink:

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