Feedback: Doorways

Just saw this game on the Clan Hawkins channel, and his hallway entrance has a double doorway… with a pillar down the middle.

It’d be nice it would remove the support pillar from the side of touching doors if there are no wall pieces touching that side.

Would allow some very customizable entry ways. For example if there was a _|_ shape with all three pieces as doors then it would be like an open entrance between all the spaces, but if the vertical line was a wall, then it would be two distinct doors with a wall separating them.

It’d also allow players to design an open workshop style building, where one wall is just a large opening.

If these examples aren’t good enough let me know and I’ll jump in Blender and toss together some very basic mock-ups for you. From what I’ve seen the game looks great. Now I’m going to actually try it out myself… lol

So basically you’re thinking about a door that’s 2 or even more tiles wide? We were toying with a similar idea already, but for windows. Would be cool to have for sure.

The thing is that these kind of things are not that relevant for gameplay, so we need to be careful about how much to prioritize them. I’ve written down the idea though.

Let us know how your attempt goes!

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