Feedback and QoL for 6.9.86

The Time Speedup is not working for me. I do not see the trucks or production change speed. When I select the arrows to many times the game pauses until select them again.

The automation for the Wind Turbines is not working. (Already been reported)

When having more than one Power Network, the power display only shows the values for Power Network 1. While the Prioritization panel shows the values for all power networks combined.

The Carbon resource is missing from the Prioritization panel. Or is it added when the Carbon Processor is used?

Can you also include the change in production time to the Efficiency Tool-tip along with the boosted percentage.

For the Snap Road Angle, can there be 45 and 135 angles also.

The Space Port stays highlighted (blue tint) even after selecting other buildings. It is correct after reload of game. Then later it become highlighted again after a couple of selections.

When reopening a game, the factories that provide for the habitats, will deliver all the items from storage all at once. This causes late deliveries and Citizens to leave until the factory storage is greater than demand. It is like the delivery schedule is restarted.

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Use number keys 1 & 2 on keyboard…

Thank you, I did not know that these were implemented for this game

NP, I found out by accident . :+1: