Feedback and QoL for 6.8.80

When placing buildings and roads, the highlight is blue. It is also blue for moving and deleting. Could there be a different highlight color for each of these modes.

Could there be a power meter of some type on screen. This will show the network status without selecting a power pole.

The downhill road from the highlands started the “stairs effect”, so I raised the road one level and it was solved. There was a dip in the downward slope.

When raising the road we lose the Length & Angle markers and the snapping.

For the Factories and Buildings with dark gray walls, the signage has black lettering and is hard to read.
Also notice this on the shady side of the buildings, the gray walls become dark gray.

I think there is one more traffic jam scenario. When the source and destination factories’ access roads are exactly on opposite sides of the same road, sometimes a truck becomes stuck and stops traffic. It is very hard to predict.

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The stairs effect in the picture is because the front road is not straight at the intersection. If you use the road editing tools to make it line up, it won’t have the stairs effect. Will think about this.

Hm, I don’t think the stuck truck issue is easily reproducible. If you can get a save where it happens, send it over :slight_smile:

Also ore veins are disappearing when you load saves. I had almost every ore disappear or change where I had my mining extractors completely destroyed my early city >< this was an Iron ore vein completely gone now…