Feature Requests/Suggestions

I would love it if there was a feature in the game to export goods to other colonies in the world (sort of like in cities skylines) through a dedicated spaceport/airport update with cargo/passenger terminals, runways, control towers, hangars etc. It could also be a way to quickly transport materials to distant parts of your city seeing as the map is now 4x bigger. It could be a late game feature for advanced players who need a very fast way to transport goods across their city / an efficient way to bring large amounts of people to your colony (just look at RCE’s nightmare). There could be a spacecraft factory that requires many different materials to create these spacecraft so the player has to choose wisely on where to create the spaceport. There would need to be a fuel factory that could turn different materials (carbon, radium, methane, maybe even adamantine?) into fuel that would be required to operate the spacecraft. Overall, i think this would fit perfectly into the game as players now require very fast means to transport large amounts of goods to very far parts of their (soon to be comically large) colony. Don’t get me wrong, lightning rails are EXTREMELY fast, but they get in the way of SO many other roads/buildings and quickly become a nightmare to manage and handle (again, just take a look at RCE’s game) The player could unlock the spaceports by researching them. You could eventually unlock larger cargo aircraft that could transport hundreds of items anywhere in minutes. Since they are in the air, they can travel over steep cliffs that rails need to take huge detours to overcome.

And probably in addition to this Area 02?

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