FDN #132 - Distribution Center, Tutorials & Traffic Info

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Friday Dev News!

We’ve kept ourselves quite busy this week and released another 2 small patches. Besides that, I already want to share some actual new features for the 1.0 update on September 19th!

Distribution Center

One of the biggest remaining sources of friction in the InfraSpace gameplay experience is the limited control you have over traffic and deliveries. You can control it a little bit with districts, but they are hard to use for many players.

The new distribution centers should help!
The idea is that you can build a collection center to gather resources from nearby factories that produce them and build a distribution center to distribute materials to nearby factories that need them. Then, you can also hook up the collection center to the distribution center and that way you can control the whole traffic flow of a group of buildings!

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated now. Basically, you’re getting some advanced storehouses that also deliver into a certain radius which you can choose.

The details are still up for implemenation, but this is Adriana’s concept for what they could look like:

Lasse already started turning it into a 3d model for the game and while it’s not completely finished, you can get an idea here:


Some features in InfraSpace may need improvement, but others just require good explanations! We see many people confused about why outgoing storage is full or incoming storage is empty. Or how train signaling works. Or districts. Or ESPECIALLY how to deal with large amounts of traffic.

Wtih the 1.0 update, we’re planning to release a bunch of new tutorials - this time with videos!

Also, you’ll get an encyclopedia so you can look up anything you might have missed.

Sepehr has already implemented most of the tutorial system and released it to our playtesters today.

Traffic Info

And finally I wanted to show you a small little extra we made: The traffic info view!

This little number just shows you how well the traffic in your city is flowing and can be used to learn about inefficienies and jams and also to compare different cities.


I hope you like the changes coming to you in September for the Early Access Graduation Update. Let us know what you think!

Happy playing!


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