Fast Neutron Reactors broken by 1.18.408

My city was fine earlier today, I load it tonight after dinner and none of my fast neutron reactors have enough water to operate! By the time they start to work again, 10,000 colonist have left. I also tried loading my most recent autosave, and it has the same problem.

I need just shy of 30GW, so I guess I pause and drop 400 solar panels somewhere? What happened? Did this affect anyone else?

Same here for normal Nuclear reactors – add some water to the system, they’re using twice as much now. Fortunately I realized it in time and the damage was minimal.

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The new patch increased the water storage of several buildings.
If you use pipes for water distribution, then this update completely drained your water storage.

The fast neutron reactors will start working again once you have produced enough water to fill up the new storage limit.

You can temporary reduce the power consumption by deleting the power poles going to the Magnetic field generator and Adamantine drills. Then place 30 new ground water extractors and a few solar panels seperate from the main power grid, so the new water extractors have full power. connect the water extractors to the main water pipe system, and your fast neutron reactors will be back online soon. You can also build a few new methane drills and methane power plants.

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That sounds like a viable fix, especially if you’re short on concrete and steel. I had plenty of each, so I just dropped 400 solar panels onto the grid.

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