Farming Job Bug

So this only seems to happen with a citizen that has the farmer job. He cooks at the fire, harvests cotton, harvests apples just fine but every time I try and get him to plant seeds or dig up old plants the job disappears. It might have to do with me assigning him to cook food at the fire infinitely but it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the game runs the job fine and then others this little glitch happens. Not a bit thing but it has been affecting my food production so it makes gathering food for winter a bit more of a challenge. Any ideas?

Hi GamerKei and welcome to the forum. For now just remove him the “cook instruction” (untick cook food) on job to do (gathering, cooking, etc) or assign another farmer with no cooking job to avoid this and keep your food and collect at a good level for now.


So I saw one player having an interesting issue: They had assigned some equipment to their farmer, but it was in storage. Every couple of seconds, the farmer would abort his job to get the equipment, but couldn’t get to it because furniture was blocking their path. They would go back to farming and get interrupted a couple of seconds later.

Maybe something similar might be happening here?

It’s a lot like that except with the cooking job. They que up to work the farm then it clears over and over again. Clicking off the cook job helped

I see @GamerKei . Do you know why the cooking job couldn’t be executed properly? Did the colonist not find a path?

I cleared the farm on all sides so he should have been able to get to it. It seemed like cooking always had higher priority so any other job was cancelled more than half the time in favor of it. It’s only when I added the cook fire that it happened. It’s like the game won’t execute the farming command for some reason if the cooking command is active and I have a cook fire. It was fine until the cook fire is added though.

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Since this is about a que issue, I’ll just drop my issue here as well.
Just ordered 10 tomato fields and manually queued my farmer to construct them (I also had a floor build, so I needed to specify orders). Since 1 construct order lets colons construct more than just 1 item he was done constructing before the queue was over and the colon started to construct what was allready constructed.

And after I made a same manual que for planting I selected another colon, gave an order and switched back to the farmer. When back at the farmer she had dropped her manual que for planting and went picking apples instead, because she was not selected for a moment. (I wanted to check if the same happened with planting as with constructing, but as you can read that didn’t work out as planned).

Edit: Found out why my manual que was dropped after selecting another colon. When you select a colon he/she seems to drop the current que (manual or auto order) and needs a moment to get a new auto order, which is no problem with a forester, but it is with a farmer who has more job-tasks to choose from.

TLDR: 1 Construct order is used to construct more than 1 item, which causes colons to construct what is constructed allready when creating a queue of construct orders.
Manual and/or auto queues are getting deleted when selecting a colon and he/she gets a new auto order from the game.

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Thanks for the report @Weerwolfboy.

So I’m aware of the queue-losing thing. But it happens not all the time and I’m not sure yet how to reproduce it. If you have a save where the queue is lost after switching, send it to me (

You are right, it is a random occurence. If I notice a queue being dropped I will save right away and send it to you :wink:

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