Farm Animals Won't Come Home

I am having a really hard time getting my farm animals to come to my colony. I picked a spot away from goblin villages, so it’s on a peninsula and all the wild animals are on the other side of the island. I can send a colonist over there to tame them, but they just sit over there and never come to my colony and untame when my colonists can’t get to them soon enough to care for them. I built a little pen, thinking they’d realize that’s their “home” but no luck so far. Is there a method to wrangle them, or do I need to make my colony close to the wild animal herds?

Okay, I solved my own issue, but it was very labor intensive lol
What you have to do is have a colonist walk about half way to the animal, and hit “talk” on the animal WHILE IT"S AWAKE and the animal will will to them and they will meet halfway. Then you just back up and do it again. I tag teamed them with two colonists to make it go faster. Finally got four animals back to my colony.

Sorry for the issue @Meag, a solution will be in the next update :slight_smile: