Factory ignores closest resources

Buildings in the same district still pick resources from far away even if they are available next door.

I setup a small district that has the whole production chain for computers but the computer factory still orders parts from other districts which then leads to delays.

Does anyone have any points on how to fix that or is it just a bug?


The other district needs export rules on what you don’t want it to deliver to your faraway computer district. For example if your problem is aluminum being delivered halfway across the planet, then put the undesired aluminum mines into a district and give it export rules for aluminum to all the places it is allowed to deliver to. It will then stop delivering to the computer district where you don’t want it to deliver to.

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My problem is that houses request resources from far away when there is a closer option available.
So unless I capture every factory the houses will pick the far away ones even if there are local options …

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