Error message when starting new version

Hello! I get an error box when starting up the newest version stating the following:
Title: Couldn’t switch to requested monitor resolution
Details: Switching to resolution 1366x768 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1366x768 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1366x768 fs=1 hz=0)

The thing is, my monitor is already set to that resolution and I’m running DX12. Older versions of the game worked fine.

Thank you!

Hi @MBlaster!

Ok, let’s deal with this. So a couple of questions first:

  • When does the message appear? While loading a game or before that? Could you send me a screenshot?
  • What is your native screen resolution and what did you set the game to?
  • Are you running it in any unusual setup (like on a virtual machine or so)?

Also, I might me getting more detail from our automatic error reporting tool. If you use the in-game feedback box and type something like “Hey, this is MBlaster with the resolution issue”, I can find out if the tool reported something about this issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s when I try to start the game. The game doesn’t start up far enough to get to the feedback box, won’t even splash the title screen. My native res is 1366x768. I never changed the game’s resolution. No virtual machine. I tried taking a screenshot but I must be doing it wrong because I can’t seem to make it work.

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Interesting. So I’d like you to try one thing:

  1. Please find the game executable. You can do this by right-clicking the icon you’re using to start the game and opening its file path. The file explorer might take you to a linked file, so you might need to open its path as well, until you reach the executable.
    The other method is by opening the path directly. Open the windows explorer and in the top bar copy paste %appdata% to open the AppData\Roaming\ folder. Go up one level to reach Appdata\ and then go to Appdata\Local\Programs\Founders' Fortune\ to find FoundersFortune.exe
  2. Once you’ve found the executable, right click and go to “properties”. Go to “compatibility” and check the “disable full screen optimization” box.

Let me know if it works!