Enhancement Suggestions

I have spent many many in game hours (Steam says 500+) and have found 2 things that i continually default to and would love to see implemented in the game.

  • The first being able to drag the map around with the mouse. Click on open ground and drag / fling.
    using the arrows/WASD is fine but mouse drag is still something that i keep going back to.

  • The second thing that I keep expecting to happen is when zooming out and in. I intuitively expect the zoom to be based on the mouse pointer position rather than the centre of the screen. This obviously will need to be an option available to turn on as others wouldn’t want this but this functionality would be great to turn on.

With all that said I have really enjoyed this game since being introduced to it by RCE.

Thanks for all of your efforts

thanks a lot for the kind words and suggestions.

The zooming thing probably won’t happen. The dragging we’ve heard often now, but no guarantees.

Something that I did was to remap the keybind for Middle Mouse to Right click, was a force of habit from playing another game where the camera moved with it, and honestly made a big difference in how i was playing

Bought the game 2 days ago, already 26 hours into it, and can already see myself spending more and more time playing it. Hands down one of the best city builders/management games out there!

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