English Language Errors

Hi Daniel,

Should have posted this a long time ago - finally getting around to it :blush:

When starting a new game, under the Advanced Settings tab, “Aging”

  • Should be corrected to “Ageing”.

In Decoration:

Pot Plant in Wooden Pot (both the red and yellow flower) - “Its scent is entchanting.”

  • Should be “enchanting”.

Tradition Shutters - all 3 descriptions have them described as “Shatters”, which in English usually describes people with diarrhea… :smiley:

  • Should be “shutters”.

Pot Plant is Stone Pot (no.3) - “The immpeccable rectangular cut is a sign of good care.”

  • Should be “impeccable”.

Pot Plant in Stone Pot (both the red and yellow flower) - “Its scent is entchanting.”

  • Should be “enchanting”.

In Floors Section:

The description of the Dark Stone Floor Tiles & the Light Stone Floor Tiles are the wrong way around, or poorly described.

The Dark Stone Floor Tile is light grey in colour and should be called the Light Stone Tile, while the Light Stone Floor Tile is a medium grey colour (on my monitors) and needs to be called either Dark Stone or another colour.

There are a few more errors, but didn’t write them down, so will post an update - or others can send in their comms.

Unfortunately I just finished up the minor update. I created an issue to remember next time: https://github.com/Ponzel/FoundersFortuneLocalization/issues/85

Thanks for the list!

Not a spelling error, just text missing from the end of the sentence.

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Just included all the fixes. Thanks for the reports!

One note: We decided to lean to American spelling, so we’ll keep aging.