Elevators loose traffic

Hi all

I noticed that elevator loose some percentage of traffic. Chaining more than one together makes deliveries almost impossible.

I noticed that if an elevator pair is not built close to the edge then it looses more traffic than another one that is built closer

Interesting, could explain some problems i have been having. Perhaps an off by 1 error loosing 1 item per step ? going to experiment for a bit

I made a test file that forces all the traffic through a circle so every car has to go through the elevator twice.

As you can see the three lane road is pretty full going in to the bottom elevator but almost nothing is coming back out.

On the top some of the traffic spawns but despawns when it reaces the exit node.
I see a lot of these log messages:

Car hasn't been updated in 200 simulation frames. Destroying.

Maybe the limit is too small for the elevators?

Also, why are the cars not moving with the cable-car-cabines like they are with the trains?

I uploaded the file here: data.estada.ch/InfraSpace/Lift Kreis Test.sav

I just tested it with Alpha 12.3.253 version, it appears pretty much the same so I made a short video of the weird behaviour:
data.estada.ch/InfraSpace/2023-03-11 19-20-37.mkv

thanks @tuxle, I put it on the list! (prob next major update though)

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