Electricity connect problem

Hi, I enjoy the game, but I have a problem at this time.

I started to have a problem with my electricity connection. The electric poles don’t want to be connected, so I can’t supply my city with electricity.
In building mode, I see the wires connected, but once I get to the games, the wires aren’t visible and probably aren’t even there because the electricity isn’t being transmitted.
Can you advise / try to fix it?

I am also having this issue. It seems to come up after you research computers

Sorry for the late answer @Matwej @lyteseker, I was out of office last week.

We don’t have an issue like this on our list. Do you have a save game that demonstrates the issue?
(settings → open saves folder → daniel@dionicsoftware.com)

I found that on a save/reload, the problem corrects itself for a while. If you only concentrate on wirki g with power lines and power grid layout, if seems to work fine, but if yoi boince from power to building to road and back, the problem arises. Im still trying to isolate the actual cause conditions for you.

I see. There is a big thing you can do besides saves: When it happens, immediately save and exit to the main menu, then go to settings → open saves folder and then send me the Player.log file.

I suspect there is some kind of error going on and it should be in the log.