Electricity Bugs

Hello devs the electricity just cuts out for random building even though I have way more than enough electricity and the building is also in range of the substation. Please fix this.

Is everything connected properly?

Yes, the buildings are in range of the substation, I have 4000 MW when I need 3020 MW but still some buildings are just turning up black and is displaying the ‘no electricity’ warning.

I have had buildings powered off grid A, then built grid B with substations. The substation is powered, and when deleting grid A, I may miss a pole or two. The orphaned pole are still connected to the buildings, so the buildings are unpowered within the range of a substation. It has been a while since I have seen this. Check for something similar in your city…

Lo mismo me ocurrió a mi cuando cambio de redes eléctricas o las modifico

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