Effeciency bonus, not so efficient?

So, what’s the deal with the effeciency bonus factories can get from proximity, or industrial robots or high tech tools? If I understand correctly, the production speed is increased. But doesn’t this also mean that it need more resources?

For instance, I have a steel mill with 64% efficiency bonus, meaning that instead of producing 2 steel every 16 seconds, it now produces 2 steel every 10 seconds. That’s nice, but now it also requires 1 carbon and 1 iron every 10 seconds instead of every 16 seconds. So I need to build more carbon processors and iron mines. How is that more efficient?
Wouldn’t it be more efficient if it needed less energy, or simply produce more steel with the same amount of resources?

Am I missing something?


Think about it per unit of steel produced.

The resources per steel are the same - so, not better nor worse. You could build extra carbon processors and iron mines to make use or the bonus, or you could not - you don’t lose anything.

However, if you do make use of the bonus, you can increase your production without building an extra steel mill, so you save the energy required to operate it and most importantly, the workers.

In essence, the efficiency bonus mostly saves you space and workers - but a lot of workers!

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Hmm, I hadn’t thought if it that way.