"Dumb" Trait Occurs Too Frequently

Hey Guys, I’ve only been playing Founders’ Fortune for a couple of weeks, and Love the game; but one thing i have noticed consistently through all of me games is that 90% of the time when i receive a new Colonist they have had the “DUMB” trait. This means they cannot learn more skills or gain experience. Though this trait can be removed after they gain 4 points toward satisfaction, that takes a long time and makes issues such as not being able to use desired tools, heal/splint other colonists, grow different crops, etc.

I don’t mind the trait, but i am finding it occurring far to frequently. Does anyone find this?
For example, My latest game has 7 colonists.The first two - I chose without the trait - but… EVERY new colonist i accepted was “DUMB”

Devs - are there any plans to be able to see the skills and traits BEFORE accepting or denying migrating colonist?

Great Game!

You just have bad luck i almost have never dumb colonist, the randomizer hate you maybe :thinking: :smile:

Haha, Very Possible i guess…
Since posting the thread, I started a new level, and what do ya know… First colonist i accept… Dumb as a bucket of rocks.

out of the 11 i have only 2 arrived dumb so im fine :wink: still want to look at them before accepting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seven peeps now. Third and sixth also were dumb. The third is my scholar/doctor now, humpling because she couldn’t splint her leg herself :woman_shrugging:. The sixth also is humpling (came with this trait) and dumb, but has two stars in scholar at the beginning. Cool, she need to study in the house and walking around is not necessary :grinning:.

Hi @ItsGazzaBro I think you might just have had bad luck :smiley:
As we add more traits, the dumb trait is going to be less common automatically, so I’m guessing the problem will solve itself sooner or later.