Dumb question, how do i change my camera angle?

Title. I’ve hit every button on my keyboard and mouse, still no clue how.

It should just be “Q” and “E”
However you can always check in the keybindings menu, you can also change them there to whatever you find easiest!

Q and E rotate the camera, and theres nothing else there on the camera angle.

as far as i’m aware that’s all you can do, unless there are some secret settings I don’t know about!

You can also hold down the mousewheel / middle mouse button and move the cursor to change the camera.


that just rotates the cam wildly for me @m@

you can hold the middle mouse wheel and drag your mouse to look up and down

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figured it out, was a steam remote play issue. apparently middle mouse+drag isnt sent properly? so infra just spins instead of doin a smooth drag.

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