Door,Gate and Window

What is the difference between each door ,gate and window?
Only design?

Gates are for the large, strong walls, the “fortifications”.
Doors are normal doors for the normal walls.
You can’t go through windows. They are just for decoration.

My English is bad.

There are 5 types of doors.
Simple Wooden Door,Sturdy Wooden Door,Modern Wooden Door,
Modern Wooden Door with Window and Round Castle Door.
What is the difference?

There are 5 types of gates.
What is the difference?

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Ah, I see!

It mostly just looks different :smiley:
The fortification gates get stronger, like the fortification walls.

And don’t worry about English, we’re figuring it out , even if it takes a while :slight_smile:

I understand the window and the gate.
What about the door?
Is it the same as a window?
Only decoration?

About the gate.
There is no strength in the description.
Do you not display strength in the description?

yes different type of same type are just decorative (windows/door/etc)

Thank you Daniel
Thank you JordanPANDA