Does planting with gaps reduce bug infestation?


This may already have been covered, but I lost a large 11x11 crop of wheat to a bug infestation that spread very quickly. Given that the growing cycle of wheat only supports one harvest per season, this was quite a setback. My question is this: does creating gaps in a field of crops, stop the bug infestation spreading to other areas?

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I think it do not. Better is using many people cutting off the infested plants, the more people the better.

I had all eleven colonists working to eradicate the bug infestation within a few seconds of getting the alert. Even with everybody working on it, I still lost all the wheat :cry::cry::cry:

Oh that’s very bad. I hope your colonists do not have to starve now.

No they won’t starve. Only baking suffered. All other food sources are plentiful thanks!

That’s very good. Unfortunately, I am not ready yet and I am facing a critical winter. My first game and I have made many mistakes, as I now notice.

My biggest mistakes were making farming too small in the early game, and killing off the Tikigoblins and destroying their settlements in the late game. Without Tikigoblin attacks, it makes the progression into Watchtowers and better armor and weapons redundant. Pooh bah!! :cry::cry::cry:

Our family had a beautiful female Maine Coon cat that looked like your image icon! She was a real sweetie!

I also have too little farming and Dennis, my farmer is unfortunately stupid and does not learn. Gotta look that he gets a boss for the agriculture who guides him :slight_smile:

The picture shows my Kassandra, she is also very sweet but indescribably impetuous - lol

I know this is a little “cheaty” but I always save the game just before a new migrant arrives. You get a countdown timer for new arrivals by clicking on the Bonfire that acts as the settlement beacon. If the new arrival is “Dumb”, I always reload and try for a better one…

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If I reject a newcomer then comes a new one?

Kassandra is gorgeous! You must be besotted! We had several Maine Coons. A male (Charlie) was our first, and my greatest feline “love”. Our female Maine Coon was called Bonny. Aaah! Happy memories… I miss them :cry::cry::cry:

If you reject, you can play on for a while and wait for another to arrive. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can see their stats until you accept them. That’s why I use the save and reload method…

A very good tipp. Thx.

Leaving gaps between plants does prevent the infestation from spreading. This was confirmed by Daniel/Ponzel in Discord.

I do lines of 5, with 1 space between each line. The infestation seems to spawn in a few of the lines, but at worst you would lose only those lines, and can never lose the entire crop.


Good to know. Thanks

You can pause the game and manually delete every crop with bugs on it for guaranteed save

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That’s a bug/exploit and will eventually be patched.

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I’ve had a mass infestation a number of times across multiple fields separated by at least 3 spaces. Lost about half the total crop even though everyone instantly went to eradicate the pest.

All the T tomato fields were attacked at once on a number of occasions as were the P potato fields

Funny thing, the last season there were no bugs at all. Ahh, small blessings :stuck_out_tongue: