Doctor broke his leg


I have 4 people in my village, one of them is a doctor so i thought I am safe. But guess what happened, my doctor broke his own leg. I was surprised that he cant splint his leg. You can click on the “bubble” saying splint leg, but it does nothing, he just lay on the floor. Is it bug or it should be like this? How can I cure his leg then?

Thank you for answers.

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You will need to make another colonist a dual-skill peep. I suggest you check to see if anyone else has points in the Doctor skill. If not, build a bookcase and train someone up. All colonies need two peeps with skill in Doctoring, just in case this happens. You can convert them back into their primary skill once they heal the Doctor…

Oh thank you, I am new in this game I did not even know that they can train new skills in a bookcase.


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As you are new, “welcome”! I suggest you take a little time to check out the forum topics. It’s crammed full of great tips to improve your game experience…


That is the nicest way of saying RT?!#M I’ve ever seen :wink:


I’ve also noticed you can use your points to cure certain things I assume this would also work on a broken leg. Just a thought…

No, doesn’t work on broken bones.

Small update: With Alpha 8.0.4 doctors can splint their own limbs :slight_smile:

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Doctor, “heal thyself!” LOL!

Thanks Daniel, that’s a nice quality of life improvement…