District Calrity

I’ve been playing a while and still don’t quite get how districts work. I understand that you can specify sending resources from one district to another, but is there a way to keep resources within a district? For example I’d like to keep Carbon from traveling to the other end of the city and clogging up traffic when it’s meant to serve the steel plant right next to where it’s being made. Some more info/functionality would be helpful. I’m really liking the 1.0 update so far!

Yes, what you want is easily possible wir districts: just go to the district menu, draw the district around the carbon producer and consumer and then have it export carbon to itself! Clicking once on the district is enough, you should see a green arrow in the center of the district, indicating self export. Additionally, if you don’t export carbon to any other place then it will entirely stay within the district where it is produced.

You’re not the first to miss this feature and I also found this by experimenting out of curiosity. Should go into the encyclopedia, if it’s not already in there.

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THIS really needs some clarification. I was completely oblivious to this as well - and it solves so many early to mid game problems.

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