Districs need some work please

its me :smiley:

I think it would be nice to have smaller brushes for districts and make it more clear where is the precise boundary where building is counted as the part of the district. Its a bit of unclear now.

I was thinking of some possible solution and maybe ‚Äúpaiting‚ÄĚ the district is a bit unclear. Maybe marking the building that should be part of the district would be better or add more brushes and shapes of the brushes. Like square and circle with atleast 5 sizes (and more small ones) because its hard to paint district AND use proximity bonuses.

There is the smallest circle and the cement factory… (also the green arrows does not point exactly in smaller districts and its confusing)

Like :smiley: this is painfull - both - to do and to look at xD

…but still love the game

I think it looks like (modern) art :rofl:
I’m curious why you put everything in its own district in this example. I’d just put everything in a single district and be fine. And then the carbon for example I’d tell to not leave the district. Did you know that if you set a delivery of a good from one district to itself and nowhere else then this good is not allowed to be exported out of this district? I suspect this could solve a lot of your mini district problems.

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Oh yea i didnt know that :smiley: thats changes a lot to be honest :smiley:
But still i think there can be some minor update for districts (atleast some smaller brushes or square brush)

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I can wholeheartedly agree to that :blush:

My personal wish would be for some snap points near roads with the brushes. I‚Äôd love to see three snap points with each road ‚Äď one that keeps the left edge of the brush touching the center of the road; one with the center of the brush lined up with the center of the road; and one with the right side of the brush touching the center of the road. That way you could get one side, the other, or both inside the district.

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