Distribution centers

About the new distribution centers. Seems like a good idea and can be useful but I have a couple of problems with it:

  1. Why only one type of goods? It doesn’t make sense that it can hold only computers but not home robots? That feels very unrealistic and it will be cumbersome and require a lot of space and roads to buid distribution centers for each type of goods that citizens wants. It would makle more sense if you can pick from a list. Or that they was automatically congigured. So if it finds demand or goods 1, 2, 3 in it’s area it will order them as stock.

  2. There seems to be no relation to Districts, that has been the way to manage this in the past. It just doesn’t feel right to have to separate “systems” to manage resources.

Consider them a lightweight alternative for districts. As i understood it there was a considerable amount of people that would not touch districts with a pole (and i cannot blame them). Do you want total control ? districts. Do you want a nice degree of control without the hassle of painting your districts over and over and over, go the distribution center route.

Personally, i like them as an alternative and see it as a big plus that they DONT tie in, bu to each his own :slight_smile:

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