Distribution centers don't respect District limitations?

Hello fellow Infraspacers,

I’m trying to solve an issue where I have overlapping distribution centers. Distribution center A (survival food) can path to around 90 houses in a city quarter, and Distribution center B (also survival food) can path to around the same in a different quarter. However, there is a small overlap between the two and I cannot adjust the radius of both of them to make them each “light up” the correct residences.

So I thought, fine, I’ll just use districts. So I set up each quarter as its own district and told each district to only distribute Survival Food within itself.

But the Distribution centers don’t seem to care and will not deliver food to any residence that is “owned” by the radius of the other.

A picture may help:

Any suggestions? I suppose I could try removing the collection and distribution centers and just let the engine figure it all out from pathing alone, but I like how the centers help smooth out otherwise uneven deliveries due to the train system…


Distribution centers only deliver to houses that are shown in green color.
The only thing you can do is to change the layout of your city so that the distribution centers do not overlap.

By the way: The information which house belongs to which Distribution Center is NOT saved.
After loading a savegame, the green and yellow houses can be different than in your current screenshot.
Other options like moving the house outside of the Center A and back into the original place so that it changes to Center B has to be redone every time after loading a savegame.

And Parks, Schools and Entertainment buildings dont respect districts either.
If these buildings overlap, the houses will randomly choose a reachable building in range.

Thanks for the detailed reply @Chieri ! It seems distribution centers and tight layouts are not very compatible. :slight_smile:

I was able to fix the situation by removing the distribution centers – no pathing issues observed, but the delivery is pretty bursty now as I expected. This makes me wonder how well this is going to survive a housing upgrade or expansion, but we’ll see I suppose! I’ll have fun either way.

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